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Who We Are

Vibrant Village is a private foundation working to improve food security, family health, financial wellbeing, and education in communities around the world. We make grants to non-profit organizations and directly manage programs from our field offices in Ecuador, Ghana, and Kenya.

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How We Work

We believe that breaking the cycle of poverty requires multi-faceted, inter-related, and long-term interventions. The communities where we work receive little, if any, assistance from other sources.

We support integrated approaches to community development that focus on basic needs: water, sanitation and hygiene, food security, livelihoods and economic development, community health, and education.

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Many people living in remote villages do not have access to safe drinking water and suffer from persistent health problems as a result. Women and girls bear the primary burden of fetching water. Water wells and pumps fall into continual disrepair. 

Along with our partners, we build and repair water wells and pumps, provide water filters and train community members on long-term water system maintenance.

Sanitation & Hygiene

Sanitation & Hygiene

Many households and schools lack adequate latrines and handwashing facilities, which contribute to the spread of disease.

Along with our partners, we train students and households how to prevent the spread of disease through regular hand washing and proper sanitation. We build latrines and handwashing stations in schools and support Community Led Total Sanitation, an approach to eradicate the practice of open defecation.



Families with little savings or access to credit are particularly vulnerable to financial crisis. This is especially true when households rely on a single source of income that is susceptible to fluctuations in market price or climate change. In small villages, there are few economic opportunities, especially for women and youth.

Along with our partners, we support small business development, help farmers connect to more lucrative markets, provide training in new skills, and promote village savings and loans associations.

Food Security

Food Security

Farmers often lack access to land, financial capital and training to produce enough to support their families. In many places, the soil is depleted, water is scarce and families suffer from poor diets.

Along with our partners, we support people to produce more food and generate a sustainable income through household gardens, cooperative farms and livestock rearing.



Many schools are overcrowded and lack basic infrastructure and materials to support quality education. Families often struggle to afford the supplies and fees to send their children to school

Along with our partners, we build and renovate classrooms, provide nutritious school meals and support teachers and students with essential learning materials.

Community Health

Community Health

People living in remote villages, especially women and young children, lack access to basic health services and suffer from many preventable illnesses.

Along with our partners, we train community health workers, build and repair local health clinics and provide basic health services, such as immunizations and child-maternal care.

Where We Work


  • Andando Foundation
  • Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE!)


  • Groundswell International
  • Vibrant Village Ghana - Field Office


  • DESEA Peru


  • Africa Bridge


  • Bega kwa Bega
  • Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda
  • Raising The Village
  • Spark Microgrants
  • The Water Trust


  • Vibrant Village Ecuador - Field Office


  • Action for Environmental Sustainability
  • Pump Aid


  • SurfAid


  • Garden's Edge
  • Trickle Up


  • Sonjye Ayiti


  • The BOMA Project
  • Kenya Drylands Education Fund
  • Vibrant Village Kenya - Field Office


  • Local Initiatives in Development


  • Shanta Foundation
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