How We Fund

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We are interested in dynamic, long-term, highly engaged partnerships centered around shared learning, and mutual accountability. Once we fund an organization, we are also committed to providing support beyond funding when needed.

We identify organizations through outreach and follow up when we see opportunity and alignment with our mission, values and assessment criteria as described below.

Current grant opportunities are by invitation only.

Our grant funding is usually unrestricted and awarded based on the grantee’s fiscal year.


Eligibility Criteria

To receive funding from VVF, organizations must be:

  • Operating in a low/medium country in Africa or Central/South America according to the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index
  • Aligned with VVF’s mission and Assessment Criteria
  • Registered as an independent local nonprofit in the country where they are located
  • Founded and led by people from the region where they operate
  • Operating with less than $1M USD in annual revenue

Assessment Criteria

We evaluate partnerships based on these 9 areas.