Where We Work


  • Andando Foundation
  • Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE!)


  • Groundswell International
  • Vibrant Village Ghana - Field Office


  • DESEA Peru


  • Africa Bridge


  • Bega kwa Bega
  • Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda
  • Raising The Village
  • Spark Microgrants
  • The Water Trust


  • Vibrant Village Ecuador - Field Office


  • Action for Environmental Sustainability
  • Pump Aid


  • SurfAid


  • Garden's Edge
  • Trickle Up


  • Sonjye Ayiti


  • The BOMA Project
  • Kenya Drylands Education Fund
  • Vibrant Village Kenya - Field Office


  • Local Initiatives in Development


  • Shanta Foundation
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Our Work

We directly manage our own programming through field offices and make grants to organizations working on the ground to improve food security, family health, financial wellbeing and education in communities around the world.

Oxfam America

Field Offices

Along with making grants to organizations, we employ dedicated staff in Ghana, Kenya, and Ecuador who design and implement programs directly. While each field office has distinct programs and goals, they all aim to reduce poverty, promote wellbeing, and enhance resilience in the communities they serve. Meet the teams who make it all happen.


Our field office in Ecuador is located in Paragachi near Otavalo in the Northern Andes. Our staff works to promote sustainable agriculture practices, where farmers learn and share lessons for improving soil fertility, protecting natural resources, and growing nutritious food on the steep slopes of the Andes.


Our field office in Ghana is located in the Upper West Region—one of the country’s driest and least supported regions. Our approach in Ghana is community-driven and works to address many barriers related to livelihoods in this semi-arid region, including access to water, sanitation and hygiene, opportunities for education, and women’s empowerment. Read more about our work here.


Our field office in Kenya is located in Esabalu in Western Kenya, where our team implements programs in agriculture and education. Our Farm Input Program works to improve food security and livelihoods through loans and training in agriculture practices. Our Education Learning Volunteer program and adult literacy courses bring education to all ages. Watch this video to learn more.

Vibrant Village Foundation Ecuador
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In addition to the work carried out in our field offices, we provide one- to five-year grants to small, community-based organizations and larger international development agencies focused on improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene, food security, livelihoods and economic development, community health, and education.

Current grant opportunities are by invitation only.

Oxfam America
Haiti, Artibonite Department
1 Year
Train farmers in the system of rice intensification and small poultry farming.
Pump Aid
Malawi, Mchinji District
2 Years
Build water wells and train communities on water source maintenance, sanitation and hygiene.
Sanitation & Hygiene, Water
Sonje Ayiti
Haiti, Northeast Department
1 Year
Support small loans for business development and other community projects.
Livelihoods, Nutrition
Action for Environmental Sustainability
Malawi, Blantyre District
1 Year
Build water wells and train communities on water source maintenance, sanitation and hygiene.
Sanitation & Hygiene, Water
Guatemala, Huehuetenango Department
3 Years
Promote sustainable agriculture, nutrition programming and literacy education for children in K-12.
Food Security, Education, Nutrition
Artichoke Music
USA, Portland, Oregon
1 Year
Provide an afterschool guitar class through the SUN Program at Parkrose Middle School in NE Portland.
Bega kwa Bega
Uganda, Wakiso District
2 Years
Build and maintain water sources, support mobile community health clinics and provide training in sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, agricultural practices and business development.
Livelihoods, Community Health, Sanitation & Hygiene, Nutrition, Water