Established in 2011 in Pimampiro, Imbabura Province, Vibrant Village Ecuador seeks to improve the quality of life for families living in the rural highlands. Currently our program supports 15 communities and nearly 780 households.

In 2019, Vibrant Village Ecuador rolled out a new strategic framework using principles of agroecology and farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing to help farmers protect their soils and increase agricultural production, ultimately leading to greater food security and resilience in a changing climate. We partner with EkoRural, a local NGO in Ecuador, to manage our program.

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Program Description

VV Ecuador works with farmers to redesign their farms using agroecological principles that are adapted to the steep, mountainous landscape in the region. Techniques include soil conservation and water harvesting techniques, preservation of seeds, diversification of crops, interspersing of trees, and management of small and medium livestock.

Our Ecuador Team

Rosa Pomasqui

Administrative Assistant

Pedro Oyarzún

Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods Advisor, EkoRural

Alexis Chiriboga

Field Technician

Fernando Basantes

Field Technician

Blanca Obando

Field Technician

Germán Mueces

Field Technician

Luis Cabrera

Field Technician

Ross Mary Borja

Legal Representative, EkoRural