VIDEO: Agriculture and Education in Kenya


This summer, I traveled with my sister Daphne to Western Kenya to visit Vibrant Village Foundation’s program in Kisumu. The purpose of our trip was to listen, learn, and try to understand the effect the Foundation’s program has had on farmers in the area. For me, the camera was my tool. My goal was to, through the stories of the people I met in Kenya, create a video that could ultimately illustrate the changes I saw, heard, and felt.

Though I didn’t know how I would achieve this, Daphne and I quickly sensed that Vibrant Village's work in Kenya was more than the implementation of the Farm Input Program and Education Program. While we had been briefed on the statistics of the impact, we could’ve never expected how deeply the community had been transformed.

After speaking with dozens of community members, what struck me most was how Vibrant Village Foundation’s programs had changed people fundamentally. While I heard stories of more food and higher test scores, I also heard stories of a new sense of spirit and empowerment. From a farmer who initiated a computer class in his church to an education officer who inspired his parents to join the farming program to a teacher going door to door recruiting students for her class, the people I met made it clear that along with seeds, fertilizer, and education tutors, Vibrant Village brought new possibility to the community.

To everyone who welcomed us and shared their stories, we thank you. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Dana deLaski

Communications Associate