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Zimbabwe is home to roughly 13 million people and 16 official languages. In this diverse nation Vibrant Village Foundation partners with two organizations in two provinces to empower local farmers and secure adequate clean water. The majority of families in these areas make their living off the land through subsistence rain-fed agriculture, smallholder vegetable production, local craftwork and livestock rearing. 

In the Midlands Provice of Zimbabwe, Vibrant Village Foundation is working in the community of Chitora, a semi-arid region, known for its rich gold mines and manufacturing.  The majority of families in this area make their living off the land through subsistence rain-fed agriculture, gold panning, smallholder vegetable production and livestock rearing. Vibrant Village partners with Local Initiatives & Development (formerly Shurugwi Partners), a national organization started in 2008 to support smallholder farmers to improve their household income and meet demands of the market in the face of climatic changes. The project focuses on women, who together with their children, make up over 75 percent of the population. With support from Vibrant Village, Local Initiatives & Development will train and certify smallholder farmers on organic farming standards and business practices, revitalize indigenous seeds and seed saving, build water harvesting dams for irrigation and construct produce storage, grading, value addition and marketing sheds.

In the Hwange District, near Victoria Falls, Vibrant Village partners with local nonprofit, Ntengwe for Community Development. Ntengwe has been working in the region since 2000 on a variety of community development initiatives. Through this partnership Ntengwe is building a sand abstraction system to provide water and improve food security for villages in the Tshange Ward.

Shurugwe District, Zimbabwe
Local Initiatives & Development trains and certifies smallholder farmers on organic farming standards and business practices.
Hwange District, Zimbabwe
Ntengwe for Community Development works to provide fresh water for the community of Tshange in the Hwange District.
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Increase household production and consumption of fresh produce to 8.2 tons over three years

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3400 community members have access to clean water