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In Vietnam, Vibrant Village Foundation supports the village of Ha Vinh in the north-central region of the country. Through our partner, Vietnam Health, Education and Literature Projects (VNHELP), we are working to bring clean water to 1,600 households in an area where access to water is a critical need.

While Vietnam’s growth has accelerated rapidly in the last decade, over half of the country’s rural population still lacks access to clean water. The main water sources are rudimentary wells or rivers, which are non-potable and rarely produce enough water during the dry seasons.

U.S.-based VNHELP is working with local villagers, a water committee and town council to build a clean water filtration and distribution system to serve 1,600 households, improving health and wellbeing for residents.

Ha Trung District, Vietnam
VNHELP is working with local religious leaders, town council members and other village representatives to mobilize the community and empower them to manage the water system independently.
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Produce safe water to serve 1,600 households with clean water in their home