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In the last few years, Sri Lanka is starting to emerge from its 26-year civil war, which killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of ethnic Tamil minorities. Since 2009, many of the internally displaced families have returned to their homes and are now working to rebuild their communities and their lives. 

Vibrant Village Foundation works in the Northern Province, an area 22 miles from India connected by a thin chain of limestone rock. Most families in this province make a living as fisherman or farmers and face many challenges in this vulnerable tropical monsoon climate. Our partner, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Lanka (NCML), was established in 2000 and rapidly expanded to respond to the emergent needs in this area following the 2004 Tsunami. NCML is providing a safe water supply to the community of Pudukudiruppu through the rehabilitation and construction of clean water wells and hygiene and sanitation education.

In the Galle District, along the southwest coast, we partner with Nagenahiru Foundation, a local NGO working to improve the livelihoods of smallholder cinnamon farmers. These farmers make less than $700 a year but have huge potential to increase their productivity and earnings in the organic cinnamon market. Nagenahiru will provide support for cinnamon farmers to gain technical skills in cinnamon farming, crop value addition, and networking and access to cinnamon buyers and exporters. 

East Region of Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Lanka (NCML) is working to improve the water and sanitation facilities in the community of Pudukudiruppu.
Galle District, Sri Lanka
Smallholder cinnamon farmers will learn about hygienic techniques and adapt to using organic fertilizers, so they can secure a higher price for their cinnamon.
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Trained 250 farmers in organic cinnamon growing

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Improve hygiene practices among 85% of targeted households in Pudukudiruppu

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Increase safe water supply for the residents of Pudukudiruppu to 60% coverage