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Vibrant Village Foundation works in two villages located deep in the peanut basin of west-central Senegal. In this region, farmers cultivate the fertile soil, and produce 75% of the country's grain and groundnuts. But like other parts of West Africa, this region of Senegal is vulnerable to the harsh extremes of the wet and dry seasons. 

In the community of Keur Soce in the Kaloack Region we partner with Andando Foundation to address issues of water, food security and childhood education, with a particular focus on women and children.

In three neighboring communities in the Guinguineo District we partner with Oregon-based Center for Renewable Energy & Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE!). CREATE! works with this rural population to improve existing water wells and construct a solar-powered irrigation system. 

Village of Keur Soce, Senegal
With support from Vibrant Village, Andando looks to further strengthen this community by improving water systems, updating school facilities and materials and continuing a women's communal garden.
Guinguineo District, Senegal
CREATE! is working to improve the existing water wells and establish a solar-powered irrigation system.
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460 students receive daily breakfast at elementary school

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6 water storage and irrigation systems installed for 14 hectares

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Adults utilize education tools at new Training Center

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Women able to produce and sell poultry in local markets


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