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Peruvian nonprofit DESEA Peru and Portland-based Green Empowerment have partnered to help families in the high-altitude Andes of Peru. The villages where they work, collectively known as Microcuenca Ccaranpa Chayña (MCC), are home to approximately 160 widely dispersed households with an estimated population of 960. The nearest community is a two-hour drive from Lamay and most homes are a two- to three-hour hike from the main road at altitudes above 14,000 feet. 

At these altitudes, agriculture is severely limited; most families grow only potatoes, contributing towards the high rates of malnutrition in the region. Grassland is limited and over-grazed, and the land is nearly bare of tree cover. With Vibrant Village Foundation’s two-year grant, DESEA Peru and Green Empowerment are delivering household water treatment and community health programs to four remote villages.

Villages of Microcuenca Ccaranpa Chayña, Peru
In the villages of Microcuenca, Ccaranpa and Chayña (MCC), Green Empowerment and DESEA Peru are working to improve drinking water, health and development opportunities
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Conducted 1,467 community health promotion and treatment visits in 2015

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50 biosand filters installed in homes for clean drinking water

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960 families participate in bi-weekly nursing and education meetings


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