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In Papua New Guinea, Vibrant Village Foundation partners with the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program on the island's remote Huon Peninsula. The project covers a wide swath of land—34,000 hectares— accessible only by foot or airplane in northwestern Yopno-Uruwa-Som. Here, among the rainforest and grasslands, villagers lead predominantly subsistence-based lives and, due to a lack of infrastructure, government services are limited. Favorable land laws in the country have kept 95% of all land in indigenous hands.

Since 2009, the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program has worked successfully with the local indigenous peoples to establish a state-recognized conservation area and implement various community programs. Our partnership in four villages here aims to strengthen the livelihoods of 3,000 families through sustainable agriculture practices and improved community health.

Yopno-Uruwa-Som, Papua New Guinea
The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program focuses on two areas: helping local farmers grow and distribute their cocoa crop on the international market; and conducting community health workshops and providing access to better health resources.
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Farmers trained on growing environmentally-friendly conservation cocoa