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Vibrant Village supports projects in the remote highlands and slums outside of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. Though the settings for these two programs are vastly different, the strategies our partners are using have much in common and are rooted in restoring indigenous knowledge, cultivating soils and seeding new opportunities for the upcoming generation. 

In the mountains above the city of Oaxaca, Vibrant Village works in the indigenous communities of Mixteca Alta. Despite the difficult, rocky terrain, coffee thrives in this region’s climate and altitude and has the potential to be an excellent cash crop. Vibrant Village is working with coffee farmers to help improve their harvests and produce high-quality coffee beans for sale on the international market.

20 kilometers outside of Oaxaca, Vibrant Village Foundation partners with International Solidarity Kanda (SiKanda), a local non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life of marginalized and slum-dwelling communities. SiKanda has been working closely with the communities of Villa de Zaachila since 2009, when it first began working with waste-pickers and their families, in and around the municipal landfill. With Vibrant Village support, SiKanda will train students and their parents on worm composting and vegetable production. 

Villages of Mixteca Alta, Mexico
We are training farmers in new farming and harvesting techniques to improve the quality of their coffee, to increase production and to meet national and international market demands.
Villa de Zaachila, Mexico
With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, SiKanda will continue their work to train youth and parents to improve food security and improve health and hygiene for their families.
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60% of families report greater food security 

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A rainwater catchment system with a capacity of 10,000 liters is installed

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20 farmers improve literacy and numeracy skills to better market their coffee


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