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In Laos, we are working in the southern highlands of the Bolaven Plateau to support coffee farmers and improve hygiene for schoolchildren. Since the bombing during the Vietnam War, Laos has focused on rebuilding city infrastructure before rural areas, which has left many remote regions without access to clean water and hygiene education. Nearly 50% of the country lacks access to clean water and toilets. 

The economy in the remote Paksong area, with over 70,000 residents from 88 villages, remains underdeveloped. Yet the market for high-quality coffees can help support these Laotian farmers and their families. The high elevation and fertile soil make the region perfect for growing specialty grade beans. The average coffee-farming family in this region earns between $8 and $10 per day. These earnings can double if farmers can secure a higher market price for specialty beans. 

Vibrant Village is partnering with the Jhai Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative, the only producer-owned and direct trade agricultural cooperative in Laos, to further develop the supply chain for high-quality coffee and to direct increased earnings towards water and hygiene programs in village schools. 

Paksong, Laos
Program Director, Tyson Adams, is working alongside the Jhai Coffee Farmers' Cooperative to strengthen their business practices, increase coffee quality and work with schools in need of water and hygiene education.
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Install 108 water filters and deliver WASH programs in 45 schoolhouses, serving 6695 children