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Vibrant Village Foundation works in two regions in Kenya supporting the ethnic Luhya and Maasai communities in partnership with local community-based organizations. 

In Western Kenya, our program director, Nick Kempson, partners with local nonprofits, farmers and schools in the hilly region of Esabalu. In this area, comprised of eight villages with a population of about 6,000, we support residents on projects to help farmers increase agricultural yields and stimulate local business development. 

In Southern Kenya, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, we work with families in the Loitokitok, Kimana and Rombo Divisions. This region, in the Rift Valley, is home to Kenya’s most distinct tribal group, the Maasai. The Maasai are mainly pastoralists and have not historically practiced land cultivation. However, as more grazing lands are turned into parks and protected wildlife areas, the Maasai have had little choice but to turn to agriculture as a source of subsistence.

Vibrant Village Foundation supports this difficult transition for the Maasai from pastoralists to agriculturalists. Working with the Noomayianat Community Development Organization and Daniel Nyagwara, we help the Maasai learn agricultural practices, bolster farming activities and gain exposure for their products at market. 

Esabalu, Kenya
Our Vibrant Village team in Kenya works to train local smallholder farmers, improve education for youth and adults and support local infrastructure projects.
Loitokitok & Kimana Divisions, Kenya
Noomayianat Community Development Organization (NCDO) works to address the challenges of drought, food security and environmental degradation faced by the Maasai community.
Rombo Division, Kenya
Vibrant Village partner, Daniel Nyagwara, collaborates with the Maasai to provide training and support in agricultural activities for women. He works with local agricultural specialists to train women’s groups on basic horticultural production, organic farming and farm care.
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81 women graduate from horticultural course

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16 wells constructed for drinking water

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22 practicing adult educationalists participate in district-wide training sessions


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