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Délogner, Haiti
Partner: Oxfam America
Total investment: $108,684 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture 


Community members feel that this project will be the starting point of their economic and social empowerment.
~ Alix Percinthe, Oxfam Haiti Livelihoods Program Coordinator

The Artibonite Valley is a crucial source of crops and livelihoods for Haiti, but deforestation and ecological degradation have stunted the region’s potential as the breadbasket of the country. Our partner, Oxfam America, works alongside rice farmers in the village of Délogner and its 5,139 residents. 

Since 2012, Oxfam America has worked closely with the Planters Association for the Development of Agriculture in the Artibonite (APDAL), a Haitian farmers’ group, to improve agriculture and animal husbandry skills in Délogner. APDAL is active in several communities throughout the Valley with over 400 members, including 80 from Délogner. 

The majority of Délogner residents rely on livestock production and small-scale agriculture. With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, Oxfam and APDAL train farmers in this community on poultry, compost and rice production activities and help increase farm yields.

Achievements and Activities
  • Provide 100 families with 5 hens and 2 roosters each, materials for constructing pens and veterinary supplies
  • Organize 100 families into 15 compost production units to manage compost production
  • Assist 50 families to cultivate their land using techniques to increase yields while reducing input costs and environmental damage