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Villages of Paulette and Phaeton, Haiti
Partners: HaitiChildren, Sonje Ayiti
Total Investment: $333,124 since 2012
Program Areas: Nutrition


I had a loan that helped build a fishing boat and I was able to go several miles to fish better.
~ Joseph Louicious, community member from Phaeton

The communities of Phaeton and Paulette are emblematic of the larger conditions in Haiti, facing adversity yet hopeful and working towards the future. For much of the 20th century, Phaeton served as the central point for sisal growing and rope processing, and the town thrived from its bustling activity- 24-hour electricity, clean water, near-universal employment and education. The area was verdant and tree-covered. However, cheap oil and the advent of plastics made natural fibers less viable and the sisal plantation was gradually abandoned in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

Today, Phaeton and Paulette are dry, desolate places. The land is denuded of trees, water is scarce, few people have formal employment, and kids, if they go, have to travel far for school. The region is economically poor as there are limited investments in education and health, and the local government is nearly completely handcuffed by lack of resources. But the unique history of this place presents an exciting opportunity for Vibrant Village Foundation. Going forward, the joint goal of HaitiChildren and Sonje Ayiti is to revive these once-thriving communities through projects in nutrition and health, water, education, agriculture and small business support.

Achievements and Activities
  • Provide warm meals to over 900 children and elderly daily
  • Repair and supply community kitchens for feeding program
  • Distribute 200 microloans to entrepreneurs in businesses ranging from honey production to small cross-border dry-goods trade
  • Construct a sheltered goat farm for a future animal husbandry project
  • Distribute 1,400 tree saplings
  • Repair water system serving nearly 300 families
  • Distribute 700 solar powered lights and cell phone chargers