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John Branchizio School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Partner: HaitiChildren
Total Investment: $1.2 million since 2010
Program Areas: Education


I am sure I will one day achieve my goal to become a nurse!
~ Nerestil, student at the John Branchizio School in Port-au-Prince

In 2009 in the Tabarre municipality of Port-au-Prince—where people generally live on less than two dollars per day—the John Branchizio School was set for closure. Neither the government of Haiti nor our partner HaitiChildren could continue to independently fund the school's operations. Closure of the school would have been devastating for the Tabarre neighborhood and to the future of its children. At this time, HaitiChildren invited Ken deLaski, Vibrant Village Foundation founder and president, to visit the John Branchizio School. Seeing the need and the positive impact the school had on both the students' development and the life of the community, Ken agreed to provide 100% of operational support to the school. 

Today, the John Branchizio School serves over 600 children from kindergarten through eleventh grade. It provides standard courses for all students in addition to a summer program and specialized courses in health, life skills and language. With each year of operation, we have continued to add a grade level and next year the school will add a grade 12 to offer all primary and secondary classes to students. 

Annual Goals and Achievements
  • Serve nearly 600 children with excellent education, warm meals and extracurricular opportunities
  • 98% of children pass their state exams (national average is 40%)
  • Implement curriculum including monthly speaker program, half-day summer sessions in art, soccer and dance
  • Employ over 25 teachers and professional staff