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The Upper West Region of Ghana has vast arable land and a short rainy season for farming. This remote region bordering Burkina Faso has historically not been prioritized for development and aid programs. The region stands out for its hospitality, and the hard work that comes with farming and taking care of families.

Established in 2011, Vibrant Village in Ghana has worked and supported communities in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Lenny Baer, our program director, is based in the village of Fielmuo with staff from local communities. Our programs work across 17 neighboring communities, serving a total population of around 20,000 people. We engage local leaders, educators, women’s groups, and other village residents in community-based projects to improve the quality of education, hygiene, sanitation, and access to clean water

Village of Fielmuo, Ghana
The Vibrant Village team works with local communities to address water quality, distribution and access through the construction and repair of water boreholes, and to improve educational opportunities, especially for girls.
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95 boreholes repaired or maintained in partnership with the community, 21 boreholes successfully drilled

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3 classrooms constructed to reduce overcrowding at a local school


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