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Vibrant Village Foundation works in two regions of Cameroon, a country known for its rich mineral wealth and multi-ethnic, multi-lingual traditions. Cameroon is home to over 200 different linguistic groups and shares French and English as its official languages. 

In west-central Cameroon, we work in six villages in Bangem Council, located in Bakossi National Park. In this area, 80% of families live on subsistence agriculture, fishing, hunting and gathering food from the nearby forest. Our partner, Community Action for Development (CAD), is a nonprofit working with the local indigenous community to take the lead in protecting their precious ecosystem and preserving the forest from illegal logging and clear-cutting for farming. With funding from Vibrant Village Foundation, CAD provides training to smallholder farmers on improved agricultural techniques to help diversify their incomes and provide greater stability and opportunities to local families.

In the Northwest Region near the city of Bamenda, we partner with Enterprise Development & Governance Facility (EDGF) a Cameroonian organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the “poorest of the poor”. The people in this area are from the Kom ethnic group, and are deeply connected to the water and food in their ecosystem. With Vibrant Village support, EDGF is working to improve access to water and hygiene in these remote villages. 

Bangem Council, Cameroon
Community Action for Development (CAD) works with farmers to create viable producer groups and link them with traders and markets for their farm products.
Bamenda, Cameroon
With support from Vibrant Village, EDGF is helping to build an improved water catchment and distribution system for 200 households in this community.
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Increase agricultural production and improve access to facilities for 500 rural farmers

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Reduce water-borne diseases of diarrhea and cholera by 75%