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Baseline study completed in Haiti
June 18, 2013
In May we completed a baseline study. This was a door-to-door socio-economic survey of all 698 households in Phaeton and Paulette. We hired and trained 10 local surveyors to carry out the study and coached them throughout the two-week process.  
We now have solid demographic data, including information about household economic activities – what people are doing to scrape by (a lot!); key health issues; the number of kids who are in school; the number of meals people are eating each day and how many of them are getting meals from our feeding program, etc.
A few points we found interesting:
The overall average monthly income is 1,499 Haitian gourdes, or US$35. This is an important starting point as we begin to work with community members on income generating initiatives. 
Here’s a table summarizing the current make-up of household activities.
The information collected in the survey complements and substantiates what we’ve been learning the past six months in our work with villagers to develop a strategic plan for the future.  As those plans and community dreams turn to concrete action, we will use this data to measure our progress.  
Looking back in a few years’ time, we will know in very real terms that families are earning more income; that people are eating more food with improved nutrition; that more kids are in school; that more people have access to clean water; that more goats, cows and chickens are helping provide food and livelihoods; that more women are getting the care they need during their pregnancy; and that their kids are getting the nutrition and medical care they need to thrive.  
We’re excited about the future of these two communities and we have eager and motivated community leaders ready to work with us. 
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